Overview of the Slot Game, “Akiva: Claws of Power”

The beauty of Africa’s rural areas has once again attracted an outsider, this time it’s software developer Foxium curious to see what they can create there. The end product is the online slot game Akiva: Claws of Power, which combines multiple disparate themes into one steaming, herbaceous whole. Aside from interacting with a variety of wild creatures, players in this area (which has been nicknamed the cradle of civilization) may also take advantage of features like a Link&Win, jackpots, an Akiva Sandstorm, Claws of Power, and free plays with merged reel huge symbols.

The visual style of Akiva: Claws of Power is pleasing to the eye, even though it doesn’t introduce much new to veteran gamers. A beautiful landscape, complete with dry grass, tall trees, and what appears to be Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, has been rendered by Foxium’s art team. The music, which picks up the pace during bonus rounds, is also enjoyable in spots. Overall, I found Akiva: Claws of Power to be a nice experience, albeit not very groundbreaking.

Foxium is well-versed in creating high-limit slot machines. Take Boom Pirates as an example; there are literally countless ways to win. Claws of Power by Akiva is the antithesis of that. There are no substantial sums involved in the game. The highest RTP is 96.2%, but you can also find it at three lesser levels, so it’s not terrible. The hit rate is 28.28% across the board with mild volatility. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€100 per spin on Akiva: Claws of Power, a slot machine playable on any device.

When you hit the “pay” button, the grid’s five reels and three rows spin, and you try to line up three or more of a type to win. There are a total of 25 active paylines in this game, and in order to form a winning line, symbols must appear on consecutive reels, beginning on the leftmost reel. The low-paying J through A symbols come first, followed by the high-paying antelope, zebra, hippo, and Akiva. Five of a kind pays anywhere from two to three times the wager for low pays, and sevenfold to twenty times the wager for high pays. Wilds, which appear on all reels, aid out by standing in for other symbols (even those that pay out). If you get five wilds in a row, you’ll win 20 times your wager.

Slot Features in Akiva: Claws of Power

Foxium hasn’t exactly put its creative might in the features area on display in Akiva: Claws of Power. Instead, they’ve relied on tried and reliable approaches, such as a Link&Win round and free spins with large symbols. Other characteristics, such as Claws of Power and Akiva Sandstorm, accompany them.

Dune Blast in Akiva

Any spin has a chance of this happening. To increase the chances of a successful spin, Akiva alters many symbols.

Forceful Claws

When Claws of Power is activated, claws swipe the reels in a manner similar to the previous bonus’s, rearranging the symbols to increase the likelihood of winning combos.

No Risk Turns

To win 5 free games, you need to land a drum scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5. For this round, the middle three reels combine into a single large symbol-filled reel. Except for giant scatters, which only count as one symbol, big symbols are worth nine. Last but not least, bonus spins can be re-awarded.


The Link&Win function is activated by landing at least six Coin symbols. Here, you get 3 free spins with all Coins still attached to the reels. When you land more Coins, they stick around, and your free spins reset to 3. You can win the Mini jackpot worth 30 times your wager, or the Mega jackpot worth 100 times your stake, or any combination of them for each Coin. When all 15 places are taken, or when no more respins are available, the Link&Win is over. If all squares are matched, a Mega prize equal to one thousand times the wager is given out.

Slot Successful for Akiva and the Claws of Power

It’s easy to understand why there’s a queue of people waiting to play the African wildlife slots that are sitting right next to you. The unadulterated beauty of nature, with its endlessly repeating cycle of birth, existence, and competition. If we lost all of our advanced technology tomorrow, do you think we as a species would be able to claw our way back to the top of the food chain? This thing packs a punch. Foxium also contributed to the African nature slot canon with the weaker Akiva: Claws of Power. It may like a treat, but it tastes more like a doughnut. When the outside gets eaten away, what’s left is a hollow inside.

While the Claws of Power and Akiva Sandstorm are cool additions, the game’s main aspects are starting to feel stale. The Link&Win bonus round is generic, and the practice of merging middle reels to generate large symbols is reminiscent of Wolf Gold or even earlier games. Landing Coin symbols may or may not be subject to the usual laws and regulations for other symbols. Maximum victory in the game is very average, though. The greatest potential in Akiva: Claws of Power is a relatively low 2,500x the stake, yet it’s still preferable to being hunted by a furious lion than winning the Grand. When compared to everything else out there, this amount seems pitiful in light of all the clawing, slicing, and the like.

Foxium may have produced Akiva: Claws of Power for the sake of its health, but that’s hardly probable. The developers of Akiva: Claws of Power may have had a certain type of player in mind while designing the game. This player type should like the game’s calming atmosphere and tried-and-true gameplay elements. Outside of this select group, however, Akiva: Claws of Power may seem like a lion in captivity, beautiful in appearance but lacking the ferocity it once displayed as the top predator in its natural habitat.






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